The Caveman Speaks: Artifacts of the Caveman Mind

These video clips are from the Humanists of Georgia monthly meeting, which happened last weekend (4/19/09). The talk is called “Artifacts of the Caveman Mind.” This is yet another experiment in communicating the enlightened caveman concept. What do you think?

(You can click on the icon to the left of the word “Vimeo” to see the full-screen version. The quality is actually pretty decent. Thanks to my man Radlmann for the use of the HD Cam. Badass.)


2 thoughts on “The Caveman Speaks: Artifacts of the Caveman Mind

  1. Dear Chris Wilson,
    I attended this presentation & I put it on the other video you did in Dec 08. I had a query.
    What were the 6 things that were in your presentation that you believe has been passed onto today homo sapiens by the Artifacts of the Caveman Mind?
    I could not find it in the book.

  2. Hey Marko –
    Over the years, I’ve identified quite a few “artifacts.” The talk, however, just covered six:
    1.In-Group Prejudice
    2.Comparative Analysis Drives Decision-Making
    3.The Herd Mentality
    4.High-Status Admiration and Emulation
    5.Focus On Looks
    6.We’re Natural Accountants
    I think I’ll post the transcript of the talk, as well. Stay tuned…

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