Look Inward First

I just happened upon this great post over at Tim Ferriss’ blog. You know I’m all about looking inward and working with what we have. This is a guest article written by Ryan Holiday, someone heretofore new to me, and it drills directly into something that underlies everything in this blog – we really do need to take the time to understand who we are and what we want if we stand any chance at all of finding sustained peace and happiness.

A quote…

Montaigne once used the analogy of a man with a bow and arrow to illustrate the importance of meditation and analysis. You have to know what you’re aiming for before it is even worth bothering with the process of preparing the bow, nocking the arrow and letting go. Our projects, he said, “go astray because they are not addressed to a target.” The idea is that an intimate knowledge of ourselves makes it possible (and easier!) to know what we need to do on a daily basis. He advised us to meditate on our lives in general, in order to properly arrange our day to day actions.

Good stuff.  Helps to remind us to focus on what matters.  Thanks to Ryan and Tim for that.


One thought on “Look Inward First

  1. Hello. I just stumbled upon your site because of the similarities in an agreed ideology. I love both words, enlightened and caveman. I saw that you wrote that the puppies of your blogtalk radio was to center it around the themes of a chosen book. I’ve just finished a short treatise called Think Like a Caveman. It’s in e-book form at the moment-paperback on order. Perhaps you would like to take a look at it? Organiclime.blogspot.com or thinklikeacaveman.blogspot.com.

    As far as the post above, I particularly resonate with the idea of knowing thyself deeply before taking aim at something. It’s certainly easier to conceive than to perform. We are unable or unwilling to position ourselves in an organic state amidst the throes of modern-day pressures and expectations. I long to unpack the layers I’ve accumulated over time to find a being inside who can see objectively and clearly into my own soul. I try though. And with each passing year, I find that my true self, this organic nature, grows stronger, not weaker, and attempts to break through the prison I have put him in. I hope to feed this nature until it can find a way to create a crack in the code, the code I have built, and emerge raw and renewed like an enlightened caveman.

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